What is the Best Prostate Massager for Me?

The prostate is the most underrated erogenous zone in the male body. The so-called P-Spot can open the flood gates for longer lasting, more intense and more frequent orgasms. It is really encouraging to see so many men engaging in prostate play, but there is still a way to go! If you have started exploring using just your digits, but you now want to see what all these sex toys are about then keep reading. Your prostate gland is a walnut-sized gland that is located a few inches inside the anus and can feel magical if you manage to hit Read More

The Risks and Rewards of Online Dating

Online dating. The one thing that many people is afraid of. We read so many times about all the risks that are involved about dating online, that we don’t really realize that there are some benefits and rewards as well. The more you are reading about online dating, the better you will understand the risks, and you will be able to date online, and enjoy the rewards that online dating has to offer. Here are some of the risks and rewards of online dating that you need to know. Risk: You don’t really know if the person is telling the Read More

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